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Stiga STS 185 Table Tennis Table:

Stiga STS 185 Table Tennis Table - Stiga is the top selling home ping pong table brand from our experiences. The Stiga STS 185 is an excellent choice for those wanting an indoor table tennis table. We have one of these tables down at our rec center in our HOA. The kids love playing on it and the Stiga table gets plenty of abuse from the children and holds up well. The 3/4" inch, 2 inch heavy duty gauge steel legs, and 2 inch powder coated steel apron ensure that the Stiga ping pong table is built to last. We like that you can open and close the table without having to remove the net system. The 3 inch mag wheel design with sport tread tires is also a nice feature. Moving the table was easy, although putting it together will take some time. Of course we have extensive experience putting together ping pong tables, so for us this was not hard. We do appreciate the comments from first timers mentioning the difficulty of assembly on the STS 185. Just keep track of the different parts and corresponding numbers and you should be fine. We heard most owners say the table takes between 2 and 3 hours to assemble. If that is too long for you to handle, consider the Stiga Insta Play table - you are literally up and running on that model in 10 minutes. One last favorable comment about the STS 185 is that the playing surface is quite nice and ball bounce is excellent. The top gets sanded and UV filled before multiple coats of paint are added and then the finish is done with a clear coat. The end result is a consistent, durable, and smooth table top for hours of ping pong fun. We have provided a video below showing all the features of the Stiga. If you are having trouble with any assembly section, just Youtube the instructions and watch how others have put it together. Overall a good value table.
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