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Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table:

Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table - The bad boy of the group from Killerspin. The Revolution ping pong table is pure class and meant for tournament play. The blue 22 mm high density fiberboard top features a red base. The glare reducing coating works well in large rooms where lighting can create issues. The 2 piece design on the Revolution from Killerspin sets up in less than 1 hour. The table truely is 'state of the art' and certainly was constructed and designed for professional level players in mind. The table weighs over 360 pounds and is meant for indoor play only. The Killerspin 301-13 Revolution Table Tennis Table once in place is immobile for the most part. There are no wheels on the legs - so moving it around can be a pain unless you have a group of adults to pick it up. We suggest once together, you put the table where you want it to stay permanently. Bounces and play are the finest you will find. If you can afford this table for your club or work place, it will surely draw attention from the moment it arrives. Pricing is around $2000. The video below shows the superior construction of the Revolution and the high end features you would expect on a table of this stature.
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