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Killerspin MyT7 Indoor Table Tennis Table:

Killerspin 363-02 MyT7 Indoor Table Tennis Table - Right at the edge of high end recreational vs tournament table quality. The MyT7 is a step up from the MyT5 (see the review on our site) and weighs 225 lbs, features 1 3/5 inch steel frame materials, a 3/4" MDF top. Assemble it in 15 minutes. No joke. Killerspin has provided 2 separately play halves that get shipped just that way. Very little assembly required. Just setup the two tables next to each and attach the net system. The leg levelers are ideal for play on uneven surfaces (say carpet or slanted basements) - just adjust the legs until you get an even surface to play on. How about ball bounce quality? Killerspin has engineered the Repeat Roller Coating (RRC) that provides 16 layers of finish. Ping pong ball bounce is perfect and consistent. The rollaway wheels (see the photo below) are top quality and make transporting the table around whatever surface you are on very easy. Comes in blue or black tabletop surfaces and is priced just around $800. Quality construction combined with one of the easiest assembly installations makes the KillerSpin MyT7 a great choice for those that want a superior ping pong experience. The MyT9 is over $1100 and offers a thicker tabletop, larger wheels, and a sturdier frame. Not sure it's worth it for most recreational players. Watch the video below showing the MyT7 features and ease of assembly. Our 2 tables are placed in the recreational room here at school and the kids absolutely love them. We have used them constantly for 3 years now and the tables look and feel brand new still.
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Video Footage of Killerspin MyT7 Indoor Table Tennis Table:

Photos of Killerspin MyT7 Indoor Table Tennis Table:

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