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JOOLA Triumph 15 Indoor Table:

JOOLA Triumph 15 Indoor Table - We like the JOOLA Inside table for beginner players and the JOOLA Triumph 15 is just slightly more expensive with a few added features. Families will love this ping pong table - perfect for family and neighborhood gatherings. The big plus is that it's easy to put together. Hear that parents? Much easier than some of the other models we looked at that require 2 hours to assemble. The JOOLA is up and running in 20 minutes or so. The 15mm Charcoal Painted MDF Surface is just what you need for solid recreational play. Corner ball holders and detachable magnetic scoring device are nice touches. The double anti-tilting device is just what parents want so that their kids are safe when handing the table. We like the adjustable feet on the JOOLA. Not all tables in this price range offer levelers on the legs - great for dealing with uneven surfaces on carpet or in sloped basements. The 2 piece table folds up so that moving it is simple and convenient. Use it in regular mode or playback mode. We have found the table to be durable and playability is just fine. The JOOLA ping pong tables videos below show the Triumph Series features and setup.
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JOOLA Triumph 15 JOOLA Triumph 15 JOOLA Triumph 15 JOOLA Triumph 15


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