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Having started playing ping pong back before I was even 5 years old, my father taught me the game. I grew up with many other family members and friends that enjoyed the game of ping pong and we got good enough that we called it table tennis when friends asked. After many decade of playing the sport of table tennis on a highly competitive level, I decided to put my knowledge and experience to use by creating a few websites dedicated to helping consumers find the best ping pong tables for their needs. We started with an outdoor ping pong table website and after 1 year our customers were asking for a site specific to indoor table tennis tables. That is how the website came about and we are excited to continue adding to our online content of everything ping pong. Enjoy the website and feel free to ask any question you may have about the tables or equipment we have reviewed. Whenever possible we try to include videos of the tables performance or on how to assemble them. We thank you for your continued support. You can email us at info @

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